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Sea Wind

The Sea Wind is by far Verlen's greatest achievement in canoe design and construction. The other models in the Kruger line are all designed and built just as well as the Sea Wind, but the Sea Wind is the most versatile. The more open cockpit on the Sea Wind gives the paddler the room to stay more comfortable on long trips as well as good access to gear and supplies while underway. It is lighter than the Dreamcatcher, this makes portaging or pulling around obstacles as well as car topping a little easier. The larger cockpit also makes it easier for entering and dry exiting, especially when it is tough to pull right up to shore. Gear is much easier loaded and unloaded and in a pinch the Sea Wind can become a very cozy sleeping area. Verlen proved the versatility of the Sea Wind during the Two Continent Canoe Expedition. He paddled in just about all water types from the top to the bottom of the world and found the Sea Wind to be the perfect canoe he had always dreamed off.    



We sometimes call the Dreamcatcher the "sea kayak" version of the Sea Wind. During some of Verlen's open water paddling experiences he found that a more enclosed hard shell cockpit was beneficial to keeping warm and dry. He first solved this with an add on hard shell deck on his Loon and Steve's Monarch during the Ultimate Canoe Challenge when they started out on the Pacific Coast from Alaska headed for the Baja. He again used a hard shell deck on his and Valerie's Sea Winds as they departed the shores of Southern Florida to start the southern leg of the Two Continent Canoe Expedition. After that trip Verlen designed a deck that was more enclosed and put a stern bulkhead in it for better dry storage and the Dreamcatcher was realized. The Dreamcatcher is a great choice for those that spend most of their time in big open water such as the Great Lakes or oceans.


Kruger Cruiser

This is the Ultimate two person watercraft. It has held the World record for quickest decent of the Mississippi River for almost 30 years and has finished very well in the biggest Expedition styled races in the country. It is stable and comfortable and the partial deck creates the same dry ride the Sea Wind has. It is big enough to take the family for an afternoon paddle or take two hardy explorers across Canada!

Spray Cover

Heavy duty, custom made with two extra heavy non-locking zippers, heavy shock cord to fit snuggly under the rim and an elastic waist band installed with aluminum hoops and snaps.


Rain and sun shade, 37” high, 50” x 50” waterproof fabric over a 37” x 37” frame.  Includes installation hardware and carrying bag.

Catamaran Pole

1 1/4” OD by 6’ long tempered, anodized aluminum with stainless steel locking snaps and air chamber (will float).


Additional Information


Sea wind


kruger cruiser

All Kruger Canoes are hand crafted with multiple layers of DuPont Kevlar 49 fabric and high-impact vinyl ester resin (Derakane) for durability and crack-resistance.  The deck and rim are molded in one piece.  The hull and the deck are bonded together with 3 layers of Kevlar.  A rope of Kevlar strands is glassed into the curve and rise of both the bow and stern for added toughness.  Flotation foam is poured in the ends to keep the boat afloat in the event of capsize.  The rudder is extra rugged, constructed of heavy duty tempered aluminum alloy and stainless steel and then assembled by hand.  Comfort is not merely a luxury, but a requirement for all Kruger Canoes.  Each canoe is hand crafted for ultimate durability and performance.

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